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The New Rancilio Invicta

The newest addition to the Rancilio model lineup blends the efficiency and simplicity of the SB heat exchange system with the precise temperature control and stability required for specialty coffee. The result is a powerful but approachable tool for the modern barista.

The Invicta shares the clean, modern lines of the RS1, and both are now available in White, Black, and Stainless Steel. 

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Expertly Crafted for Today's Espresso Needs

Nearly a century of R&D has resulted in a machine that is extremely precise, technologically savvy, and intuitive.

"The amount of time that it takes to train baristas on our old machine vs the RS1 is dynamically different. Our espresso training went from being a month and maybe a week to two weeks, sometimes 2-3 weeks...because of volumetrics and variable steam pressure. The biggest thing for us is having directly sourced coffee that is roasted really well and showcased...and that means using a machine that is super sustainable and precise."

Rich Troche, Co-Founder and GM | Everybody's Coffee

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